Terms of Service

Work Aspects

All our work is to be done under the name of "Koshka Fursuits".

To work on your commission, it's of utmost importance for you, the client, to provide a reference sheet or as many images of your fursona as possible.

Communication with the client is vital for completion of the commission to be in proper time and manner.

We do not have animals in our workspace, nor in contact with the materials we use. We can't ensure our products are completely sterile, nor can we safely say these conditions aren't subject to change anytime soon. In case of allergies, ASK US FIRST.

We reserve ourselves the right to refuse any commission or service to any person at any given time.

If a client isn't reasonable or refuses to cooperate with us, we will cancel the project and will issue a refund, its exact quantity being according to what we believe to be convenient.


Having been chosen, the client will have up to 3 business days to make the first payment. Otherwise it will be discarded and another person will be chosen, losing their place.

The client will have to pay 60% of the total quote upfront in order for us to buy the necessary materials and start working.

One the commission has been finished, the client will have to pay the remaining 40% before it can be handed to them (with no exceptions)

In the case of single part commissions such as: just the handpaws, or a head, only the bodysuit or the feetpaws; the client will have to pay upfront in full before work starts.

Payment can be in cash or Paypal.

The buyer must be 18 years old to commission us, or 16 yeas old and must have explicit authorization from their mother, father, and/or legal guardian who will contact us and be in charge of the payments.

Payment Plans

For big commissions over $1500 USD we'll provide a payment plan that can accommodate customer lifestyle.

Customer must pay a 30% non-refundable down payment. Once is paid a monthly date is agreed. Payment plans may begin and we'll create all invoices to be paid in a specified date.

We understand that things may happen and you would not be able to pay a certain month. In that case please let us know upfront and we will see how can accommodate you.

Other way we can work is sending you an invoice with the total amount where you can make payments as you can. So you'll be free to pay what you want each month but still you'll need to cover the minimum set for each month.

Payment plans can't be longer than six months. Skipping payments two months in a row will result in a fee of 30% for each due month that must be paid before we can start making the suit.

Once the 100% of the total amount in meet we'll start working on your commission and once it's finished you'll need to pay the shipping costs + handling fees.

The minimun amount for payment plans will be $250 USD monthly.


In case the commissioner isn't able to pick the suit personally, an agreement has to be reached and they'll have to pay for shipping. We are not responsible for the package once it has been sent.

The buyer is responsible for shipping, its costs, and any additional costs applied by the destination country's customs.

In the event that the buyer will take more than 2 weeks to make the final payment + shippping of the suit, an additional 5% of the remaining balance per week will begin to be charged. For example, in the case of a delay of 5 weeks, the additional will be 15%.

If the buyer pays for the fursuit in full but does not pay the shipping costs or does not provide the shipping information when required, the buyer will have 1 month to pay for the shipping; otherwise, an additional storage cost will be incurred, which may vary depending on the type of commission.

After 3 months of completing the commission without the client paying the remaining money, it will become the property of Koshka Fursuits, where we will make the necessary changes to the design and it will be sold.

Changes in the Design

Changes in the design can be done at an extra cost.

If the design is radically changed during a critical portion of the building process it may cause for the commission to be cancelled with no chance for a refund.


Cancellations will only be accepted before we buy the materials. Beyond this point there won't be any chance for refunds whatsoever.

In case the cancellation is done before we buy the materials, 70% will be refunded with no exceptions.


We will provide the client with a visual guide on how to take the necessary measurements for their commission correctly.

It's the client's responsibility to ensure measurements are taken correctly

While we do check if all numbers make sense, we are not responsible for the client's human error.

Building Time

Building time (that is, the time it takes for the suit to be built) depends on the commission type. This can be anywhere between 4 (four) weeks to 2 (two) or 3 (three) months depending on the character's complexity ans position in the waiting list.

Building time starts being counted from the moment we tell the client we're starting work on their slot.


We offer lifelong warranty on our products.

In case of any inconvenience, please get in touch with us quickly to agree on shipping so we can inspect it.

If the flaw was on our end, fixing the issue won't carry any extra cost.

If the problem’s due to improper use (depending on the sort of damage), the first time it won't have any reparation cost. In future occassions, though, the client will have to pay for materials (if needed) and our workforce.

The buyer is responsible for the round-trip shipping costs.