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Our fursuit heads are made from hand-carved foam lined throughout, with breathable sports fabric on the neck. Great visibility through the eye mesh, both in central and peripheral vision, and ample ventilation space at the height of the nose and mouth. If you wish, we can make the head suitable for use with glasses.
Each head includes toony “follow me” eyes made with waterproof resin, pickable nose with nostrils and single teeth, 6 lower front teeth made of resin.


  • Magnetic eyelids (set of 3 expressions with 1 pair or only 1 expression in particular)
  • Removable tongue set (2 tongues: one normal and one long with velcro)
  • Magnetic tongue (for example, a magnet is added to the center of the tongue to attach to the nose or side of the mouth for more expressions)
  • Flappy Ears
  • Squeaker (you can order it for inside the nose or anywhere you want)
  • Upper fangs (in toony style)
  • Jaw set (includes lower front teeth, upper fangs and molars in toony style)
  • Wig as hair
  • Magnetic hair (only for small ridges)
  • Accessories such as muzzles, expanders and / or fabric piercings
  • Painted with airbrush
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