Fullbody Plantigrade

Starting At $ 2700.00 USD

The plantigrade fullbody fursuit includes: head, full body with plantigrade legs, puffy hands, medium-sized tail and outdoor feet. All our Fullbody are made to measure without the need for DTD (Duct Tape Dummy), with a concealed closure in the front (depending on the character's design) with a soft fabric finish on the neck for greater comfort.


  • Magnetic eyelids (set of 3 expressions with 1 pair or only 1 expression in particular)
  • Five fingers
  • Resin or cloth claws (both hands and feet)
  • Short coat
  • Closure at the back to adhere the tail
  • Wings (attached to the body or removable)
  • Indoor feet
  • Indoor feet + sandals
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