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Your Fursona

Must be in color, include all the views and details of your character and be safe for work. Must be in jpg, png or gif format and not greater than 3MB.


The amount of colors your fursona has. (Only fur colors)
Insert a valid date like 2024-06-22 or leave empty if not required. This can affect the price.

Fursuit Head

3D Follow me eyes.
Comes with magnetic eyelids you can accomodate up to 3 expressions.
6 lower front teeth.
Includes lower front teeth, upper fangs and molars in toony style.
2 tongues: one normal and one long with velcro.
With a magnet to the center for more expressions for example to attach to the nose or side of the mouth.

Fursuit Hands

Flat pawpads and beans. More like a glove.
With suffed pawpads and beans to make them puffy.
Only available for puffy paws.

Fursuit Feets

Removable sandals for outdoors.

Fursuit Tail

Up to 80 cm long.


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