Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a reference for my character?

Yes, we need a reference of your character. This helps us not to forget any detail.

If what you ask does not appear in the reference you send us, it will not appear in the fursuit either.

It has to have visible the front, side and back and must be detailed as best as possible. But be careful! That also increases the cost of the suit.

Can you do the fursuit with a particular style?

No, we have our own style. If you want the particular style of another maker, the best option is to contact that maker to make your fursuit.

What do you don't do?

• Moving jaws.
• Realistic or semi-realistic fursuits.
• Electronics accesories.
• Exuberant or muscular bodysuits.
• Cosplays or copyrighted characters.
• Mursuits or fetish related details.

What species do you do?

Anyone. We do not have any problem in doing any particular species otherwise we will tell you.

Do you do artistic freedom?

Yes, we do.
We usually ask for a color pallete and a specie the customer would like and we make some sketches with that. You should pay the base price of the type of suit that you want and then we'll do the sketches. Based of the complexity of the selected sketch/design the customer should pay an extra to cover the extra work/materials.

What payment methods do you accept?

For Argentina we accept bank transfer, cash and credit card payments through Mercadopago.

For the rest of the world only by Paypal.

How should I pay?

Once we have approved the spot you must pay 60% of the total cost so that we can buy the materials and we can start working on your fursuit.

Once finished, you will have to pay the remaining 40% and shipping costs if applicable.

What is a quote and how do I get one?

A quote is an estimate of how much your fursuit will cost. Giving what kind of fursuit do you want, the colors, complexity and extras we can give you an estimate cost.

You can get one filling this form.

When quotes are due?

If you are going to pay in US dolars the quote is due in 6 months.

If I've a quote that means that I already got the slot?

No. Once we open comissions you can request a slot using your quote.

Do you make international shipments?

Yes, we do international shipping. Keep in mind that the charges generated by the shipment and / or the customs of your country you will have to pay for them.

Do you have premade fursuits for sale?

Right now we don't have any premade for sale.

How can I claim a slot?

The only way you can claim a slot is using your account in this website and once we open for comissions.

You must register here using the SAME email address where you got your quote and you'll be able to see your quote or quotes (if you sent more than one) in your dashboard.

Once you're in logged in and you're in your dashboard you'll be able to request a slot for the desired quote.

This will not give you the slot automatically! The slot will be given after a review process and chosen by us.

When do you open commissions?

Usually we don't have a specific date but we try to open comissions two or three times in a year. You can always check the current queue on the status page or our trello.

Be sure to follow us on our social media were we announce the specific opening dates.

How do you chose the commissions?

We allways try to chose the most quantity we can; always having in mind not overwhelm ourselfs and the time limits so you don't have to wait much.

Usually we got up to 100 quotes per month and its really difficult to handle and select all of them. If you didn't got choseed dont feel down. It's really dificult to us make this type of desition.

Once we select the characters we'll contact the lucky ones and announce them on our social media also add them to our Trello.

What do I get with my commission?

When you commission us you'll get some sweet things like:

  • Avatar
  • Badge
  • Lanyard
  • PVC Credential

All those items are included with your commission.