Do you need a reference for my character?

Yes, we need a reference of your character. This helps us not to forget any detail.

If what you ask does not appear in the reference you send us, it will not appear in the fursuit either.

It has to have visible the front, side and back and must be detailed as best as possible. But be careful! That also increases the cost of the suit.

Can you do the fursuit with a particular style?

No, we have our own style. If you want the particular style of another maker, the best option is to contact that maker to make your fursuit.

What species do you do?

Anyone. We do not have any problem in doing any particular species otherwise we will tell you.

What payment methods do you accept?

For Argentina we accept bank transfer, cash and credit card payments through Mercadopago.

For the rest of the world only by Paypal.

How should I pay?

Once we have approved the spot you must pay 60% of the total cost so that we can buy the materials and we can start working on your fursuit.

Once finished, you will have to pay the remaining 40% and shipping costs if applicable.

When quotes are due?

If you are going to pay in US dolars the quote is due in 3 months. If you are paying in argentinian pesos the quote is valid only for 1 months.

Do you make international shipments?

Yes, we do international shipping. Keep in mind that the charges generated by the shipment and / or the customs of your country you will have to pay for them.

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